Growing up we spent our summers in Tadoussac, Quebec, captivated by whales from the very beginning. The little town holds so much magic, the focal point being two rivers that provide a summer home for some of the worlds largest and loudest animals, that need our voice. After spending summer after summer searching the local boutiques for the absolute perfect summer souvenir, we noticed there was a gap in the market. Fun clothing with accurate depictions of these amazing creatures. 

And if we're going to use whales as our muse, shouldn't they reap the benefits? It seemed only natural to start giving back to the community that gave us our love for whales, Tadoussac. 

That's why the very first organization to receive 10% of our profits will be GREMM. An organization dedicated to research, education and conservation of the whales found in the St Lawrence and Saguenay rivers!

Sunset over the Saguenay River in Tadoussac, Quebec
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